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New Server ARES Officially Opens on October 23! FRONT Details Published!

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Yönetici Sorumlusu
29 Nis 2020

MYKO.NET Domain has been in this market for 10 years and has served in the infrastructure of many servers, we are now proud to serve you with our ORIGINAL Domain by opening our own server, we no longer have a connection with any X Server, we are completely with our own #MYKOSOFT Infrastructure.

The biggest reason why you choose us is that we have a brand history of 10 years, this will give confidence to many players, we will get your hearts very well with our new server, you are all invited to our advanced MYKO server full of activities and innovations with #MYKOSOFT contributions.

MYKO.NET Our new ARES server is officially with you on 23 October at 21.00!

1- LeveL Cap?

With 1 LeveL start, our server will boot up, at first 65 LeveL is the end. (Exp medium level. 68-70-72 caps will come.)

2- Details About Genie?
The Genie product is sold in PUS, 1 pack is set for 15 days (360 hours). There is no premium and level limit when using the product.

3- Auto Loot details?
LeveL has no premium obligations. It is sold in PUS. It works in all zones and collects products above the amount of coins you set.

4- About Master and +70 Skills
Master and +70 skills are started manually. Detailed topics are available in the GUIDE section.

5- How do I save money and items?
It is difficult to collect money and items on our server, detailed information about them is available in the GUIDE section.

6- Is there trading with TL on the server?
There will be no date in the sales, you can make your purchase and sale transactions from the day the server is opened.
Please use the forum for these operations, such in-game chat invasions or even annoying players, for example, to write terms like flood gb flood gb.
Sales allowed on our server;
It is a Gold Bar and Item trading.

7- Is Monster Stone active?
Monster stone is active from the first day, (there is no drop in OLD acessory.) You can get master materials and coins. For detailed information about Monster stone, click and review.

8- How are the starting items?
Starter items are myko style, Click for details ..

9- Do you have a ready package to meet our Full PUS products?
Our product with the name of Champion package is active, it covers all your puss costs. Click for details.

10- Will there be Cash Prize Tournaments?
Cash prize tournaments will be organized, many events such as 8vs8, 1vs1, CSW will be with you.

11- What is your solution for cheats?
As MykoSoft team, a high-level infrastructure has been prepared for our infrastructure with the OTO BAN (Skill times are checked and this process is carried out.) System for illegal cheating software, do not invest in such software and do not get defrauded.

12- Are warrior hitting style high version skills active?
No it's passive, all skills are myko style.

13- Monster - boss respawn hours and what are the drop rates?
Moradon 4 hours, eslant 6 hours, isiloon-felankor 8 hours, cz 2-3 hours.

14-) Opal - Sapphire - Crystal Drops?
In our server, the drops of these items are only available in the Death Knight, in order to make these items valuable, the drop of EMC-LFC is 1%, and the drop of CZ is 15%.

15-) Upgrade Rates and Limits?
By looking at other VQA servers, the upgrade limits we have are different, please review in detail .. Click here to learn the upgrade rates ..
(+7 high item, +1 jewelry limit is the first place)

16-) Is KC Market Active?
Yes, you can sell items with Knight Cash in the market, but the limit is 3000 KC. You cannot go to gold. For example; You cannot put items on the market with 2999 KC. You can put 3000 and above.

17-) Is there any measure to attract mob to slots?
While farming AFK in LFC-EMC regions, it has become annoying to pull mobs on slots. For example, you farm in Uruk blade slot. A different user pulled a slota stone golem, Stone golem dies automatically 1 meter before entering the slot and your character is not damaged.

19 -) Is the boss system random?
It is born randomly but its duration is fixed. All kinds of bosses are born in 4 different coordinates.

19-) Gatele Bowl input is added in Cz town, what is it?
The bowl input in the gates in Cz town allows you to teleport to the cz bowl entrance for 1.000.000m coins, this plugin has been adapted to our system to increase the flow of money and make the cz more mobile. (If you are at a party while doing this, the party will not break.)

20-) Chaos Stone What are the duration and boss drops in it?
Chaos stone is born in the CZ region, the respawn time is 1 hour, when it expires, it is born in one of 4 different places in the bowl region.
It throws master and skill materials at a rate of 20-25%, and Chitin Shell armors and high items for each task at a rate of 20-30%.

21-) What is the newly added BOSS Stone?
BOSS stone is a special boss tree for emc and lfc, when it is cut it throws 1 random boss. Click here for details.

22-) Is the flash system active?
Yes, flashes (DC-EXP-WAR) drop from the mobs in the coloyn zone with a drop like 1% chance, 10 can be printed maximum, but it is duration 60 minutes. When you relog as an extra or when you eat dc, the flash is not deleted and continues from the remaining time.

23-) Is There Premium Requirement for Auto Loot and Genie Use and Does It Work in Moradon?
It works in moradon, there is no cake dropper in kecons. Loot and Genie also do not have any premium obligations.

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